Upgrading to release 3.11

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Nathen Sample Staff asked 2 years ago

Release 3.11 is now live.
You can download it here,

The Binary storage has format has changed, prior to upgrading please take an XML export of your environment through the backup page. Upgrading to 3.11 will require you clear your ‘/work/DB’ folder, and allow Logscape to reindex. You can find instructions for upgrading Logscape here.

This new version includes a fix for overlaid searches, and the log-bloat related to said issue as well as adding the ability to safeguard your Synthetic scripts from erroring by providing a field name in the Synthetic Source.

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Ben Newton Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Nathen,
Am I right in thinking that I only need to clear the DB folder from Management and Index Stores – not Forwarders? Or do I need to wipe all agents?

Nathen Sample Staff answered 2 years ago

Hi Ben,
As forwarders do not deal with datatypes they will not require their DB folder cleaning, only Managers and Indexers/Indexstores will need this.