Should the home button clear the filter?

ForumCategory: QuestionsShould the home button clear the filter?
Ben Newton Staff asked 2 years ago

This is not necessarily a bug but a question of what is the correct implementation. 
The current implementation.

  1. Use the filter on a workspace (for example: IP address). 
  2. Hit the Home Button
  3. This takes you back to your Home Page – which by default uses _host as the filter.
  4. The filter remains applied. The results of this can be varied. If you filter by host or type, it may work. If it’s obscure or different, it won’t.

Should the Home button reset the filter or keep it applied?
Arguments for clearing the filter:

  1. Home is essentially a “take me back to the start” – and the start doesn’t have a filter.
  2. The filter in question is unlikely to match the Home workspace (overview) if you were previously on a detailed page. 
  3. If a filter doesn’t apply, no data appears. Which looks a bit rubbish and might make the user think data hasn’t loaded. 

Arguments it should remain:

  1. Removing what the user has input – might mean they have to add it. 
  2. If a user had workspace filtering on their Homepage, could cause difficulties.
  3. Makes a distinction between the Home and Workspace icons (in that they behave differently) which could confuse. 

I personally think clearing the filter is the better way to go – as in it definitely returns us to a neutral, clean state, which helps newer users. Power users would have workspaces with internal navigation and therefore need the button less anyway. 
Any other opinions?