3.12 Release Notes

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Nathen Sample Staff asked 2 years ago


Hi All, Today I’m bringing you some information regarding the upcoming 3.12 release, if you’ve got any additional questions, then just let us know.

  • Enhanced Tailor view – Gone is the white page, you’ve now got a rich interface to use when live tailing files
  • summary.index(auto) – To automatically load, and write to your summary’s – More information on this to come in the form of a blog post
  • JSON Indexing – Automatically extract values from JSON Data
  • CSV Extraction Fix – CSV Data will now have values extracted automatically as is expected

Improved Tailer (Click to Enlarge)


We hope you’re excited for the features coming in 3.12 Regards, Nathen and the whole Logscape team  

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Neil Avery Staff answered 2 years ago

Expected to be available in the next week or two.