Logscape 3.0 – The future

3baa91ec7d665da12466401b582bfc28Logscape 3.0 was developed as a Data-driven SaaS offering which could cater for all of your logging needs from the Cloud, however it was decided that the enhancements and new features offered in 3.0 were simply too great not to pass down to our on-premise installations. As such, Logscape 3.0 is descending from the Cloud, into your on premise installations.

So, the big question is, “What does Logscape 3.0 offer?”
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10 Ways to Improve Your Output File

cloudcomputingjoke-300x259So you have written an app or log – it’s brilliant, it grabs all the data you need and runs like greased lightning. All you need to do now is ensure your output file has a nice clean format – preferably one that means Logscape does all the work for you! So here are some of my top tips.

1) Add a full time stamp to every line. You wouldn’t believe how much trouble can be caused by people using just times or dates. At the best, you have to struggle to get your data properly organised. At worst, you end up with a mess and data appears in the wrong place on the graph. Do it right, set the date and time!

2) Add a time zone to that stamp. My computer will never move time-zone, surely it’ll be fine? Don’t count on it. British Summer Time changing the system time on half your servers, servers being reset to US time, data centres moving locations… All these things can and will happen. Adding the time zone to the stamp gives you a cast iron assurance that the data will always be correct. That peace of mind is worth a few bytes.

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Logscape 2.5.1 is here!


Release 2.5.1 includes enhancements to JMX functionality, improvements to Logscape roll detection aswell as significant search performance optimisation.

2.5.1 Introduces new linking functionality. This allows you to flawlessly link your workspaces and transfer context between them providing a troubleshooting workflow for non-expert users of the Logscape system.

The release notes are here.

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Logscape 2.5 is now live!


Release 2.5 includes improvements to LDAP/Active Directory management, selective UI enhancements and performance improvements. IE11 compatability has also been improved along with minor bug fixes.

The release notes are here.

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New Updates: Sizing guide, High Availability Overview and New UI updates


1.New UI changes download here  (build id: 2010 )

The Search page has had a few subtle changes to help you navigate and explore your data. A new data sources is now available. When you arrive on the search page for the first time or click ‘New Search’ you will see a list of data sources available in your environment which you can click on to search.


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