Logscape 2.3 is now available!

After a long test, fix and thrashing cycle 2.3 is finally available!

Head over to the logscape.com to request the download.

To upgrade you can follow the standard upgrade procedure as described here:

After that, the following installation tasks can be followed:

  • Install the new ┬áHome page. Upload the new logscape/downloads/logscape-home.config and click deploy
  • Install the updated Logscape Monitoring app has a couple of minor updates.. Upload the new logscape/downloads/logscape-audit.config and click deploy
  • If you wish edit your existing DataSources to include the new System-Fields – edit your datasource and choose the ‘System-Time-Series’ checkbox to include ‘DayOfWeek, Date etc’

The release notes can be found as the usual place.

Best Regards,