Logscape 2.5 is now live!


Release 2.5 includes improvements to LDAP/Active Directory management, selective UI enhancements and performance improvements. IE11 compatability has also been improved along with minor bug fixes.

The release notes are here.

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Monitoring Docker: Part II

Monitoring Docker – Part II

The docker landscape is advancing at a rapid pace but the state of docker monitoring is still in its infancy. Most docker monitoring solutions out there will give you basic resource monitoring of your containers. They will tell you how much mem, cpu and disk they are using at a container level. This useful but it its utility diminishes as our deployment gets larger In the second part of the docker series I am going to a look at what other attributes we can use to make docker monitoring more useful.

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Monitoring Docker and a Mongodb Cluster: Part I


Docker has been around for roughly a year,  it was open-sourced by the guys at dotCloud ( the PAAS provider)  and has since caused a revolution in the devops community. It has the backing of industry heavy weights such as Google, Rackspace and Redhat . In this blog post, I will attempt to give an initial look at monitoring docker, with a specific focus on system health. The technology stack under Docker is a large topic so I will not be going into much detail on setting up a docker environment. Before we dig right in let’s find out a bit about docker.

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