Logscape 3.22 Arrives

It’s Alive! Download Logscape 3.22researcher_translation

Today Logscape 3.22 becomes available to the public, we’re really excited and hope everyone’s going to love the improvements that come with it. We’ve packed in numerous performance tweaks; but we’ve also started to focus heavily on UI/UX to make the Logscape experience better for you, our users. In case you’ve missed it, you can grab the newest release from the website. Without further ado, let’s get onto some of the highlights of the 3.22 release. 

Improved Home Workspace

You may remember a while back, that we introduced the “Single Value Panel”. We think that these are a really cool widget that let’s advanced users perform potentially any manipulation they want on their search results. In case you never saw them before, you can read the documentation page on them. Essentially, they’ll run a search just like any other widget, but they expose the results to a Javascript that the user can define. We felt they were underutilized, so we dropped some onto the new home workspace to show what they’re capable of and how they work.


It’s a pretty simple example, just letting you know how many events are happening in your environment, and heat mapping off them, but we think they look great.

Improved Explorer Functionality

We recently introduced the Explorer page, to cater to those among us who wanted to be able to directly interact with a file using Logscape. We’ve received plenty of feedback and we’ve begun to take action, We’ve spent plenty of time this release ironing out bugs with the Explorer, but also generally working on the flow whilst using the tool. The result is a user experience which flows and provides a much smoother user experience.


Improved Memory Management

The Logscape dashboard was having a few issues when running large searches; so we’ve tweaked some of the back end code. Logscape as a whole now has improved memory management, as well as a smaller memory footprint. This will prevent the dashboard out of memory exception some users were seeing, as well as help improve general performance.

General Performance Tweaks

We’re always striving to improve Logscape’s performance, and release 3.22 is no different. It includes another host of performance tweaks, wiping out some of the more prevalent errors that we’ve been seeing and users have been reporting, whilst also working on the performance, and reliability of the persistit file stores.

Improved Bounce Behaviour

Logscape bounces have become faster, to get your environment back up and running as soon as possible. Changes have also been made to make sure that, in the event that the agent crashes, that it will close itself gracefully, and begin the reboot cycle.

What’s to come

Moving forward we want to have a real focus on the UI/UX aspect of the Logscape experience. Users have said that while Logscape is incredibly powerful, your first dive into the functionality can be a bit daunting. We’re going to focus on making that experience smoother, both by improving the UI and continuing to work on the online documentation. Other than that, we’ll obviously be working hard as always to make Logscape as fast and stable as we can.