Logscape 3.2 Touches Down

ssksLVBLogscape version 3.2 is now available for public download, you can get it now from the Logscape Website.

A brief rundown of Logscape 3.2 brings with it, and what we’re going to cover today…

  • File Explorer
  • JSON Support (Including JSON Arrays)
  • Failover Overhaul
  • Performance and Stability Changes



Logscape 3.2 – Bringing back the familiar.

For version 3.2 we wanted to introduce a feature that will feel familiar to everyone using Logscape. We’ve also added JSON support, and overhauled the functionality surrounding failover agents, while working on the overall stability and performance.

File Explorer 

The File Explorer provides a user experience similar to that of any conventional file browser, such as Windows Explorer, or OSX Finder. Navigate through your hosts directory structure to find and view files that are of interest. Visible directories are dictated by your Datasources, and of course, it includes multi-tenancy support, so your users will only see the data they’re assigned. Once located these files can be viewed, using the integrated editor, which allows for intuitive movement through the file, whilst also offering syntax highlighting and live tailing functionality.

xtGKlHyJSON Support

Logscape JSON support allows for the automatic extraction, and labelling of both simple JSON structures, as well as JSON arrays. We handle JSON arrays by extracting each individual event, and treating it as if it were a new JSON object, allowing you to interact with every level of the structure. Automatic extraction of the JSON format means there is no need for further setup, as soon as Logscape ingests data, it’s made available with all of the included fields.Sound interesting? You can find out how to get started with JSON data on the JSON page.
Failover functionality has been overhauled in this iteration of Logscape. The intention of a failover is to introduce an extra layer of redundancy should you feel it’s needed. For information on the installation and configuration of an agent, you should head over to the Failover Deployment page. In their current iteration, should your environments manager go offline your agents will change to the failover manager, as it stands, it requires manual intervention in order to get back to your normal manager, but we’ll be listening to custom feedback regarding whether you think it should failback once the manager is stable, so let us know!

Performance and Stability
We’re always improving your experience when using Logscape, as such 3.2 includes a number of changes to increase the performance and stability of all of our Logscape agents. Are you still running into issues? Then head over to the Logscape Forum, and drop us a message.

And that, is Logscape 3.2

Tons of effort has gone into the release of Logscape 3.2, and we think that you’re going to love what it brings to the table, if you have any questions regarding anything Logscape, then either drop them in the comments, or take your ideas to the forums.


The Logscape Team