Logscape 3.0 is finally here!

How it felt developer Logscape 3.0The long awaited version 3 update to Logscape is finally here.

Logscape 3.0
In version 3 we welcome multiple new and exciting features. We’ve improved search performance, zoning and the search UI as well as a series of bug fixes. Version 3 is sure to surprise even the most experienced user. This release is bigger, better and faster! If you want to find out all you need to know about these excellent new features, and how this update will affect you, read on.

If you just want to get started, download it for free right now from our Website.

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Logscape 3 – Easier to Use

Event Analysernew_eventanalyser

The Event Analyser can be accessed via the plus symbol next to each search result; offering a snapshot summary of the data within the event. This provides insights into how this data relates to the rest of your search; including a percentage bar chart which shows value weightings. It also gives users the ability to seamlessly filter against their search using a specific value from an event. Learn More.

Data Driven Workspaces

We’ve built upon the functionality first introduced with the linked workspaces, and we’ve made it even more powerful. You can still pass your context, but we’ve added tools to help you control what is displayed. Filter the entire workspace, or only specific widgets with the new interactive filtering. You can also use the new Event Analyser on the table widget to see how your data relates to the rest of your search. Workspaces continue to become more powerful and flexible, yet remain simple enough for anyone to build one. Read more.


 Logscape 3 – More Intelligent


Structured Event Viewevent_view

The new ‘Structured Event’ view breaks each event down into its component parts, sorted by the field type, whether it be system, discovered or synthetic. This offers the user a visual aid to see how the Datatype is breaking up their data, and should make the entire search process more intuitive to newer users. Read more about searching in Logscape.

Search Page UI Overhaul

Along with the introduction of new features we’ve also revamped some old ones. We’ve overhauled the Search page to make it fantastic. The search UI should now be more intuitive for users, improving your workflow. The table widget now also offers you the ability to directly download your search contents; one click to download in Excel or CSV formats. So not only do Logscape tables gain a fresh new look, it’s become that much easier to get your hands on your search results.

We’ve also re-tasked the sources tab, to show which resources you’ve recently referenced, whether it be a datatype, a host, or a data source. We’ve also made multiple improvements behind the scenes, to make your experience more enjoyable.

 Logscape 3 – Advanced Technology

Significant Search Improvements

We’ve made improvements under the hood to the way searches and caches of indexed data are handled. Logscape is now faster than ever, regardless of your deployment size. Searches on both fresh and archived data will be much faster and your users will notice the improved performance. Not seeing great performance? Read our sizing guide.

Post Aggregate-Functions

Logscape 3 introduces post-aggregate functions, these powerful functions allow you to perform post analysis flawlessly, stay tuned for a blog post explaining fully how to make use of this new feature. Learn more.


Collectors are a new way to get your data into Logscape 3. Their function is similar to forwarders, however they’re much lighter on resources and can be configured in moments. A collector will run whichever apps you configure it for, and ship the logs these apps generate via syslog to an index store. Collectors are great to gather metrics quickly, reducing worries about the resources required for a forwarder. Collectors don’t replace forwarders, instead they add another weapon to your log analysis arsenal. Learn more.

csvNew_neilssInstant CSV extraction

Have you ever wished you could load your data into Logscape and be done with it? Well now when you’re dealing with CSV data that’s exactly what you can do. When CSV data is ingested the header row is located and extracted automatically. Whenever you search the file, the column headers will be available to you as fields. No need to mess around with Datatypes, just upload and go. Learn more.


 Logscape 3 – Maximum Flexibility9EkNlCK

New charting libraries

We’re happy to introduce the D3Pie and C3 charting libraries. With versatile settings and stunning graphics, we hope everyone will love and make use of the new libraries to their fullest. You can add the power of sub-charts to your workspaces, or add extra grid lines for greater clarity. For a full list of exposed functions that you can use when using D3 and C3. Learn More.

Zoning Flexibility
Zoning can now either be set to strict or lazy. When a zone is set to strict, data will never be shipped outside of the zone. Lazy zones will pass data up through zones until an index store or manager is found. This allows administrators to lock data into geographical regions, while still offering the possibility for environment wide index stores. Learn more.

Korean and Japanese support

There is now language support for both Korean and Japanese! To access these localization you’ll want to go back to the login page, and select your language on the bottom right. Voilà! You’re now using Logscape in the localization of your choice. If you have a use case which requires a different localization, then feel free to message us.

How to proceed!

So you’ve read all about Logscape 3 but where, oh where, can you get your hands on it? Logscape 3 is available for free from the Logscape Website, once downloaded if you’re a new user, you’ll probably want to give the Getting Started guide a read, or if you’re already using Logscape then you can read how to Upgrade your Deployment.

On behalf of the entire Logscape team,

I hope you enjoy the new and improved Logscape 3.