DockerApp now supports Docker 1.5

Selection_903Docker 1.5 came out a few weeks ago and with it the new stats api arrived. Before 1.5 there was no standard way to collect the metrics of running docker containers without writing custom scripts to parse files stored in the proc memory file system.

Linking Supported

The new DockerApp takes advantage of the new stats API and a brand new feature from the latest 2.5.1 release: Data Driven Workspaces. The Docker App gives a non-experienced user a cohesive drill-down workflow through the metrics presented.

Drill Down Example

The home page provides an overview of container activity. The links in the cname column refer to the container name of the running container.


When you click on a container a workspace is loaded displaying only the processes running in that container. See the screenshots



From here it’s possible to drill down even further to an isolated process view, that can be done by a click on a process id. You’ll end up here –


This workspace only displays information relating to your specific process.

The new Docker app is available right now, you can download it from its Github page.

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  • Docker 1.5 is very helpful application for maintaining data in the form of chart. It also supports drill down operation.

  • You can check for koolchart its also an good charting library.