Logscape 2.5.1 is here!


Release 2.5.1 includes enhancements to JMX functionality, improvements to Logscape roll detection aswell as significant search performance optimisation.

2.5.1 Introduces new linking functionality. This allows you to flawlessly link your workspaces and transfer context between them providing a troubleshooting workflow for non-expert users of the Logscape system.

The release notes are here.

Noteworthy features are:

    • JMX Operations and Widgets now produced error messages
    • Search optimization increased, resulting in great performance results
    • A large fix to roll detection
    • Introduction of workspace linking

Here’s a sneak peak of the linking capabilities introduced in 2.5.1


Check out the new Getting Started tutorial that we hope gives you the sense of Logscape 😉

If you have an existing Install? Look here!

Remember – you may need to remove any existing lucene jars from logscape/lib/lucene – if they exist then you must delete them! (this applies to all agents, Forwarders, Managers etc)

Grab it from the download page

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The logscape team!