Logscape 2.5 is now live!


Release 2.5 includes improvements to LDAP/Active Directory management, selective UI enhancements and performance improvements. IE11 compatability has also been improved along with minor bug fixes.

The release notes are here.

Noteworthy features are:

    • Team Administrator roles are now supported by LDAP and Active Directory
    • Default team and role can be configured by system property
    • Search page now includes datasource shortcuts
    • New JMX Widgets for your workspaces

Check out the new Getting Started tutorial that we hope gives you the sense of Logscape 😉

If you have an existing Install? Look here!

Remember – you may need to remove any existing lucene jars from logscape/lib/lucene – if they exist then you must delete them! (this applies to all agents, Forwarders, Managers etc)

Grab it from the download page

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The logscape team!