Quick and Dirty Logscape sizing guide

One of the first questions our customers hit us with is:

‘How much data can my server handle?’

I hate to be difficult and nothing is more frustrating than answering a question with a question but this is often the case with a data centric solution!

> Q: What is your server spec? A: It can handle X volume per day.
> Q: What are your data volumes? A: You need this server setup

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Monitoring a Web Application Stack (Nginx,Haproxy,Apache)


Dearchitectureveloping a responsive highly available web application is a complex task with many subcomponents. In the old days , a web application used to consist of a web server, usually Apache with a few cgi scripts to provide content dynamically. As the web grew in size so did the stack, the number of subcomponents,hosts involved increased in number and complexity. A simple web application can now easily consist of a web server, a load balancer, a few databases and a web framework such as Django or Rails. In this blog post we are going to look  at the  different Logscape Apps needed to monitor a web farm.


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