MongoDB App: Monitoring Mongodb hosts

Selection_576MongoDB is a popular open source nosql database. It’s gain in popularity has been due to ease of use, speed and options for scalability.The  MongoDB App collects health and operational metrics for  MongoDB cluster or group mongo instances.


The MongoDB App tracks the following metric categories.

  •  Database statistics – size, number of objects, index metrics ,extents
  •  Mongod metrics – memory used, number of operations, connections,  queries etc
  •  Collections – Size, object count, indexes
  •  Mongo logs – operations, errors and warning

Get started in minutes

To get started with the MongoDB app download Logscape and the app if you have not done so already.

Once you have downloaded the app you will need to let it know where your mongod instances are. Edit the properties file and update the members property and give it a comma  separated list of hosts to monitor.



Upload the and the files on the Deployment page in Logscape and then click deploy.

Navigate to the Mongo – Home Workspace and start monitoring your environment


The MongoDB App consists of four main workspaces, each focusing on a certain aspect of a MongoDB deployment. Here are a few screenshots:




Each Workspace gives you a view of your mongo deployment. Additional Workspaces can be created to provide a customized view specific to your environment.

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