Logscape 2.4.2 is now available!

We have just cranked through a dozen performance bugs and tweaked the Search page. The release notes are here.

Noteworthy features are:

    • The search page now coordinates events with the time-span. If you zoom or pan the chart it
      will filter the events accordingly.
    • FieldConcat now works with numeric fields. i.e. search: (*)user:(*) | 1+_host.count()
    • The DataSource System-Time flag is now used to control whether second granularity is stored for data-events.
    • Improved performance!
    • A tonne of bug-fixes!!

Check out the new Getting Started tutorial that we hope gives you the sense of LogscapeĀ šŸ˜‰

If you have an existing Install?Ā Look here!

Remember – you may need to remove any existing lucene jars from logscape/lib/lucene – if they exist then you must deleteĀ them! (this applies to all agents, Forwarders, Managers etc)

Grab it fromĀ theĀ download page

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The logscape team!